"Trente Cinq"

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TRENTE CINQ was created as part of the Brisbane 48 Hour Film Project in 2010. Trente Cinq was written, shot, edited and scored in under 48 hours. Screened at Garden City BCC, it received four nominations for best supporting actress, best production design, best director and best original score.

You can learn more about the 48 Hour Film Project here.

Trente Cinq will be screening in further festivals in 2011.

Type: Short Film
Genre: Thriller / Drama
Status: Released

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Clive Spencer ... Tana Smith

Cindy Spencer ... Meisha Lowe

Mike Wulf ... John Maila
Written by ... Tana Smith

Directed by ... Francois Pragnere

Director of Photography ... Liam O'Brien

Makeup ... Darin Rose

Composer ... Jamie Murgatroyd
Editor ... Michael Schmidt

Production Design ... John Evans

Sound Mixer ... Wade Higgins

Thanks to ... Peter Thornton
Title ... Trente Cinq

Genre ... Thriller / Drama

Status ... Screened

Filmed on location in Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Copyright © 2010 Get Reel Films

All Rights Reserved
Length ... 5 mins

Aspect ... 16:9

Sound ...