Tin God on DVD

Get Reel Films is proud to announce that Tin God is now available on DVD in Australia.
The release of Tin God is a welcome achievement to all those who have been involved in the project over the past couple of years.

Shot on location in Toowoomba, Queensland, Tin God is the first feature film by director Jake Reedy who co-wrote the script with Rachael McMeeking. Reedy and McMeeking teamed up with producer Sarah Dinsey to complete their vision along with Get Reel Films.

Since completing Tin God; Reedy, McMeeking and Dinsey collaborated again on 'Loyalty' which will be released in 2012. Currently Reedy and McMeeking are in development on their third film 'Heartless' while Dinsey has just wrapped shooting on her third feature length film 'One June Afternoon'.

The cast of Tin God have been busy too. Leading man Tana Smith also starred in 'Loyalty' alongside Tin God's leading lady Whitney Duff before taking on two more leading roles in 'Who pays the Hitman' and 'Still Waters' while Joey Kingman who plays Cassie has also just completed work on her role in 'One June Afternoon'.

Tin God is a rare breakthrough in the era of big budget cinema, this low budget drama has battled against the odds to finally find it's way to the public this alone is a tribute to the strength of the performances and the raw vision of the filmmakers.

Get Reel Films hopes you will support our local industry and talent.

Expect the DVD to take a couple of weeks to filter into your local store, till then you can order your copy online at the sites below.

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RedRoo DVD - Tin God
Fishpond - Tin God
EzyDVD - Tin God
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