Brisbane floods.

As we were shooting the trailer for REAP earlier this week the flood warnings started to come in. I would like to say a big thanks for everyone who was on the shoot that day because the very next day many of us found ourselves being flooded in.

GetReelFilms suffered some damage at our West End base and again I would like to thanks those to offered to help with the clean up, fortunately our buildings landlord got in straight away with cleaners to take care of the worst of it.

Equipment and furniture can be replaced, the main thing is that everyone involved was safe. Our thoughts go out to those who have also been affected by the flood and especially those who have lost loved ones.

On a brighter note it was inspiring today to see a small army of people moving through West End to help with the clean up. A scene that has been repeated all over the city and indeed the state. Is great to see people band together in support of one another and offer their hands, help and resources.
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